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Social Media Marketing

We will help you spread your message to your ideal audience.

The Benefits

Why advertise on social media platforms?

There are 2 main benefits in advertising on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Firstly, let’s start with the facts. There are around 2 billion users on Facebook, and most of them check their Facebook at least 3 times per day. On average, people browse their social media platform at least 3 times a day. Therefore, whoever your customers are, they have a very high chance of using Facebook every single day.

Secondly, as you may expect, social media platforms are internet giants that have LOTs of data on both you, me, and most importantly, your target audience. By utilizing all the tools that these platforms have available, we can leverage the information that they have on us and display your campaign to those who have the highest chance of buying.

how we do it.

What We Do

we will create and manage your campaigns

Maybe you want to advertise an item to your best customers or re-engage those who haven’t purchased in a while. Perhaps your goal is to reach people who are not familiar with your business just yet. Or maybe you just want to advertise people who have a lot in common with your current customers.

Whatever the goal is, we have a wide range of framework solutions that we can implement to help you achieve the optimal results.

What We Do

we will retarget visitors who left your website.

Ever visited a website and after leaving it, the adverts follow you and show up on other websites? That is caused by something called re-targeting and is a method that brings back website visitors that haven’t converted on their first visit.

Did you know research shows that people are only ready to buy after seeing an advert 6 times? We will help you get your retargeting campaigns setup to recapture your lost sales!

What We Do

we will automate your email marketing.

We will help you implement an email marketing system that will automatically schedule tailored email to your prospects; whether they’re in the early stages of looking for a mortgage, or desperately looking for end-of-year tax advice. This not only increases the engagement to your content, but also turns the prospects into warmer leads which further emails can help nurture into paying clients of your business.


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